Ximiti revolutionizes the market of a convenient store by offering a 24/7 automatic shop.

Situated in the heart of a strategic zone, as a store or a kiosk, your automatic shop Ximiti can offer a whole range of products. Customers can pay on site or remotely.

From the groceries to the hygiene products, this innovative local shop proposes an optimized smartphone application: geo-tracking, product availability and promotions, but also a secure remote payment. The only thing the customer has to do is remove their order on spot!

Very simple, you pick up your order immediately at the checkout of the store.
The franchisee easily manages the stocks, orders and promotions and thanks to a remotely running software uses a simple and ergonomic application.

Make quick profits with your Ximiti shop thanks to a high capacity of storage and an optimized stock management.

From design to installation, management and training, Ximiti guides you throughout your project.

With Ximiti, buy smart, 24/7